NBPTS Aims to Level Up the Profession

What could teaching look like if teachers had to complete a residency program?

6 Minutes

If teachers know best about professional learning… let's follow their lead.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) selected an apt title for its study of American professional development released on Tuesday: “Teachers Know……

6 Minutes

Déjà vu in American education: The woeful state of professional development

Call it the worst-kept secret in education—and one of the field’s most baffling paradoxes. Why is a profession focused on learning so inept at…

5 Minutes

7 Ways edTPA Can Transform the Teaching Profession

Imagine an orchestra warming up for a performance. Every musician has a job, a specialty: tuba, timpani, and violin. The conductor taps his wand, and…

14 Minutes

Dreams to Reality: Teacher Powered Schools

Are you one of those teachers who has said, “I want to start a teacher-powered school” or had a conversation with your colleagues about what you…

7 Minutes