Embrace the "leader" in teacher leadership

Can you describe your leadership journey in six words? At my school district’s recent first Diversity Council meeting of the year, I asked teacher…

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Delicious ambiguity: Leading by the seat of your pants

When I began my career as a classroom teacher fifteen years ago, I could never have imagined the trajectory my professional life would take. First a…

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Rising strong: My reckoning, my rumble, and our revolution

I remember the afternoon that it hit me. After school, a group of students had gathered in our classroom to have an impromptu conversation about…

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If you are a teacher, you ARE a leader!

My supervisor and I were reminiscing about a time before I was a teacher leader, and she quickly responded, “Was there ever a time you were not a…

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You can’t have more time, but you can change how you use it

Meredith Mehra is the Deputy Chief for Teaching and Learning with the School District of Philadelphia. Marisol Rivera Rodriguez is the principal of…

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The digital divide encompasses more than access

It has been ten years since my colleagues and I wrote TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools Now and in the Future.…

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Beyond compliance:
Creating the schools our students need

This post explores how the colletive leadership can be used as a lever for equity.

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"They would rather go out in handcuffs than give up their cell phones"

This post originally appeared as part of a social justice roundtable with writers from across the #CTQCollab network.  As a thirty-year old white…

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The Best Feedback is GATHERED, not GIVEN

All y'all know that I've been completely consumed by reimagining the role that feedback should play in the modern classroom, right?  I've been…

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Four signs it's time for micro-credentials

Barnett Berry and Karen Cator (Digital Promise) identify developments that set the stage for an innovative approach to educators' professional…

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