Case Study: Julie Hiltz, CTQ Teacherpreneur

Julie Hiltz, a media specialist at Lutz Elementary in Hillsborough County, FL, has served as a CTQ teacherpreneur in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

This hybrid position allows Julie to combine daily work with students and colleagues at Lutz with projects that extend her influence and leadership know-how among other educators—in her district, in Florida, and beyond. (Her work to advance the profession was recently recognized with a statewide award.) 

Why do teacherpreneur roles matter? 

What does Julie’s story show us about how teachers learn to lead boldly? 

How can principals and district administrators effectively cultivate and tap the potential of teachers like Julie to benefit students? 

Learn more about the impact of Julie’s teacherpreneur role—and the lessons her journey reveals for teacher leaders and administrators: