Jessica Cuthbertson, who teaches English Language Arts to middle school students in Aurora, CO, has served as a CTQ teacherpreneur for three school years (2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015).

William Stuart, former deputy superintendent of Aurora Public Schools, observes: 

She [Jessica] has such energy and expertise. And I am certain she’s a better teacher now because of her work as a teacherpreneur. In her work as a demonstration teacher, she’s had to be analytical, and all that she has learned from her CTQ work shines through in everything she does here in the district as well as with our state’s policy leaders. Her role is so different from other professional developers and school reformers who don’t have the everyday classroom context that Jessica does.

Learn more about how being a teacherpreneur has allowed Jessica to lead without leaving the classroom—and about her role’s impact within and beyond her school.