CTQ is pioneering and documenting innovative ways to design teachers’ roles in and beyond their schools.

Telling teachers’ stories

More than 10,000 teacher leaders worldwide benefit from being members of CTQ’s virtual network, the Collaboratory. From accessing free learning opportunities to writing publicly about their expertise to forming valuable professional connections, Collaboratory members are part of a tightly-knit, informed, and supportive community.

Tricia Ebner (Ohio, 2016)

Justin Minkel (Arkansas, 2015)

Brevard County, FL (2016)


Teacherpreneurs hold hybrid roles: leading beyond their schools while continuing to teach students part of the time. Over the last three years, CTQ has supported 17 teacherpreneurs who have advanced our work in extraordinary ways while teaching for part of the week. We’ve drawn on grant funds to buy out portions of teachers’ contracts through memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with their districts. Districts, agencies, and other organizations can replicate this model to pursue your own goals through effective use of human capital. 

Julie Hiltz (Hillsborough County, FL, 2015)

Alison Crowley Wright (Lexington, KY, 2014)

Jessica Cuthbertson (Aurora, CO, 2014)

Noah Zeichner (Seattle, WA, 2014)

Teacher-Powered Schools

Meanwhile, innovative models like teacher-powered schools make the most of teachers’ capacity to make decisons and hold one another accountable for student learning. In teacher-powered schools, teachers have the authority and autonomy to make whole-school decisions. (The school may or may not have a principal.)

Case study: Math & Science Leadership Academy (Denver, CO, 2011)