Capacity-building supports
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Effective online learning – for students and professional staff – needs to be fully integrated into your overall approach to instruction and support. Building your team’s capacity is the best way to maximize short-term support and be ready for long-term shifts in how you effectively serve learners.

Educators supported through CTQ’s model are two to six times more likely than those supported in other networked approaches to apply online learning to instructional and leadership work and share knowledge with colleagues. 

Schools adopting these approaches have seen up to 10 percentage point gains in benchmark scores as a result of stronger collaboration.

Develop your own distance learning model:
Design days and consultancy

District, school, and organizational leaders can access insights into selecting “right fit” tools and platforms, integrating distance learning into your overall systems for instruction and support, and aligning professional development with planned and unplanned transitions in instructional delivery. CTQ offers on-call consultancy to advise on immediate decisions or design days for fuller strategy development with your team.

Bring online expertise in-house:
Cultivating Communities for Impact (CCI)

The CCI experience prepares educators to facilitate effective virtual learning communities for students and/or colleagues. A customizable series of five to nine live-facilitated sessions extends core skills from the “keys” series and supports participants in applying them to an authentic task such as designing online PD, navigating a transition to a new LMS, or supporting more engaged distance learning. CCI is designed as a cohort experience for 10-20 participants over 6-12 weeks and includes a year of follow-up support.

Grow your own expertise:
Prepare your own CCI Trainers

After the completion of the CCI experience, some participants may be ready to lead other educators in building skills. To help you fully embed that expertise within your district or organization, CTQ can prepare CCI completers as certified trainers for other educators you support. This gives the trainers – and you – full access to updated resources over time to sharpen online practice.

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