Can YOU Pass this Educational Arithmetic Test?

Felt like being a little creative today, so I whipped up a slide based on teacher spending data found this Horace Mann Teacher Survey from June 2013.

(click to enlarge)

Download: Slide_EducationalArithmatic

Does it bother anyone besides me that teachers are (1). ponying up their own cash to pay for classroom experiences and/or (2). having to cancel learning experiences because there’s not enough cash to go around?


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  • SusanGraham

    Teachers shouldn’t be fundraisers

    It bothers me:

    • That a TV commerical has a teacher getting excited because she can save money buying her classroom supplies at Walmart.
    • That I once went to a “Professional Development” event for emergent teachers and there was a breakout session on how to do fundraiser for classroom materials.
    • That teachers are encouraged to sign up for “classroom sponsers” where they are expected to share a sob story about much it would mean to buy crayons and construction paper and a flip camera if only a generous donor would be their benefactor.
    • That it is suggested that new teachers hit the garage sales early on Saturday to find a bookcase, rug, books, and other equipment for their classroom.

    I can’t imagine that we’d encourage nurses to seek donations for hypodermic needles go to Walmart for gauze, or check out garage sales for gentle worn blankets.