Brianna Crowley



Brianna Crowley is an English teacher and instructional coach at Hershey High School in Pennsylvania. A 2014-2015 CTQ teacherpreneur, she embraces connectivity and uses tech tools to make her roles with teachers and students more efficient, meaningful, and compelling.

Work this year as a teacherpreneur

Brianna is building teachers’ capacity to share their stories, lead from their experience, and advocate for their profession.

Leadership verb: Initiate

On being a teacherpreneur

“Being a teacherpreneur feels like someone invited me to stretch my wings, stop complaining about the cage, and start to fly!”

Support from administrators

Dr. Reimann has been enthusiastically supportive–writing my recommendation and giving me complete autonomy and trust to execute both of my roles this year.”

Follow Brianna’s work

Twitter: @AkaMsCrowley

Blog: Red Pen Reflections

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