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Bold teacher leadership for equity and excellence in public education: Lessons for administrators


Recently, there has been a lot of education policy talk about teacher leadership. More action has also been taking place—both in the form of fellowships with nonprofits and via more traditional career ladders in districts in cities like Washington, D.C., Denver, and Charlotte. However, in many cases, the concept of teacher leadership continues to be narrowly defined, and often by anyone but teachers themselves.


Five Ways Teacher-Powered Schools Use Data


Teacher-Powered Schools Roundtable: TPSI Ambassador Rebekah Kang shares ways that they use data at her teacher-powered school.


Teacher-powered schools open the doors to adaptive solutions


Teacher-Powered Schools Round Table: TPSI Ambassador Jeff Austin shares ways in which teacher-powered schools are adaptive.


How principals can support teacher leaders: Lessons from Glenn O. Swing Elementary School


Ali Wright used to believe that the best thing for principals to do to support teacher leaders was to get out of their way. Now she thinks differently. In this guest post, Ali takes us behind the scenes at a school where shared leadership is achieving impressive results. 

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Renee Moore

January 21, 2007

"Nowhere to run to, baby... nowhere to hide"


You have to understand, I was a 60’s Motown teenager, and becoming a teacher was nowhere in my life plans. For about 12 years, I freelanced locally. I also held several day jobs including: auto factory worker, bank file clerk, hospital emergency room clerk, and secretary. Along the way, I found time for marriage, children, and activism.

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Renee Moore

January 21, 2007

Parent involvement: Be careful what you wish for

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I love those TV home design shows. You know, the ones where an interior designer comes in and completely renovates somebody’s living room or kitchen (sometimes at no cost to the owner!).

These shows generally come in three types: The ones in which the work is done as a total surprise for the owner; ones on which the owner knows about the renovation, but is not present while it is being done; and the ones during which the owner is there every step of the way, often participating in the work, sometimes to the chagrin of the professionals.

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