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The future leadership of teachers


Almost 30 years ago, Judith Warren Little, one of our nation’s most prominent scholars, offered a clarion call for teachers to lead school reform, not just be the targets of it. Since then teachers, slowly but surely, are beginning to serve in more expansive roles without leaving the classroom. In a piece originally published by TeachingPartners, Vicki Phillips and I cite examples of teachers leading in bold ways to explore the future of leadership of teachers.


The courage to leap


Many teachers find themselves faced with the decision to leap into the unknown and confront fear, hope, self-knowledge, and, ultimately, commitment to the profession that teachers make at crucial times in their careers. In this post, I share the stories of four teacher leaders—Jessica Cuthbertson, Jessica Keigan, Megan Allen, and Lori Nazareno—who chose to make that leap.


Risks and rewards: Moving past the single story


One powerful statement during a parent-teacher conference revealed the dangers of single stories. The moments that followed illustrate the importance of listening, sharing stories, and seeking to understand one another in building strong relationships with families.

Latest Blog Posts

Bill Ferriter

April 27, 2007

The nation's cudgel....


As a classroom teacher, I often struggle to keep my spirits high under the constant barrage of criticism leveled at the work done by public school teachers. Typically, glaring headlines like "American Students Don't Make the Grade," and "Stupid in America" trumpet what polemics believe to be the complete failure of our system to educate children. 

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Bill Ferriter

April 22, 2007

Torment for a new generation...


I think what has crossed my mind since the Virginia Tech tragedy has been the lack of serious consequences for bullying and harrassment in many schools today. Instead of taking a stand against the kind of callous treatment that has become commonplace in many children, we consistently downplay the kinds of abuse that happens in our schoolhouses. "That's just the nature of middle school," we'll say.

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Renee Moore

April 20, 2007

Can you hear me now?


The VA Tech tragedy touched me on so many levels of my own humanity: mother, teacher, colleague. However, what has rubbed much salt in the wounds everyone connected with this horrible event already have is the hindsighted nagging about "why didn't anyone recognize this young man had such severe problems?"

It has been widely reported that several of Cho's professors and classmates did raise warnings about his need for help. As an adult college student, what could be legally done to force treatment upon him apparently was done. Who is to blame that it was not enough?

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