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The future leadership of teachers


Almost 30 years ago, Judith Warren Little, one of our nation’s most prominent scholars, offered a clarion call for teachers to lead school reform, not just be the targets of it. Since then teachers, slowly but surely, are beginning to serve in more expansive roles without leaving the classroom. In a piece originally published by TeachingPartners, Vicki Phillips and I cite examples of teachers leading in bold ways to explore the future of leadership of teachers.


The courage to leap


Many teachers find themselves faced with the decision to leap into the unknown and confront fear, hope, self-knowledge, and, ultimately, commitment to the profession that teachers make at crucial times in their careers. In this post, I share the stories of four teacher leaders—Jessica Cuthbertson, Jessica Keigan, Megan Allen, and Lori Nazareno—who chose to make that leap.


Risks and rewards: Moving past the single story


One powerful statement during a parent-teacher conference revealed the dangers of single stories. The moments that followed illustrate the importance of listening, sharing stories, and seeking to understand one another in building strong relationships with families.

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Renee Moore

May 17, 2007

Better than an apple


Within the Teacher Leader Network, one of the discussions we have had is about the portrayal of teachers in movies and other media.  The popular myth is that great teachers are rare, and awful or mediocre teachers are the norm.

On this Teacher Appreciation Day, however, I would argue that great teachers are not as rare as it might seem—they’re just harnessed.

Ask any adult and you will get the name of at least one great teacher.

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May 15, 2007

What happens If teacher leadership is codified?


Several states, including Louisiana, have created or are considering adding endorsements to their state licensing systems 'that would formally recognize teachers who have taken on leadership roles outside their own classrooms,' says a recent story in Education Week. The report by Lynn Olson was one of the five 'most viewed' stories at the Ed Week website for nearly a week.

Why create a teacher leadership endorsement? Here's what the story says:

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May 13, 2007

Chicago Tribune highlights TeacherSolutions report


A recent editorial in the Chicago Tribune highlighted the new report from the TLN TeacherSolutions team on professional compensation, 'Performance-Pay for Teachers: Designing a System That Students Deserve.' Here's what the Tribune had to say:

A radical idea from teachers       

There's a new call to overhaul the way public school teachers get paid, and it's coming from an unusual source: Teachers.

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May 8, 2007

How to really leave no child behind


In an article published on May 2, the weekly magazine The Nation invited education research and policy expert Linda Darling-Hammond to examine the effects of the No Child Left Behind Act and to reflect on its consequences and prospects for improvement. Darling-Hammond's incisive and insightful review includes a closing section subtitled 'How to (Really) Leave No Child Behind,' in which she says, in part:

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