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Renee Moore

April 6, 2015

Hard Lessons From Atlanta


Under the current state and federal educational policies, test scores are used to justify punishing schools and their students for being chronic underperformers BEFORE necessary steps have been taken to correct the profoundly unequal learning conditions deliberately created for the children in those schools.

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Renee Moore

February 8, 2015

Read This: Mississippi Principal Gives Legislative Plan an F


Some key education proposals by the Mississippi legislature have educators and parents around the state concerned. One high school principal, Shannon Eubanks of Brookhaven, Mississippi shared his spot-on analysis in an opinion piece published by Hechinger Report, Did Mississippi's poorest students just lose their chance for a quality education?

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Renee Moore

October 22, 2014

Read These: The Battles We Need to Fight


The teaching profession is embattled on many fronts; fighting with our students shouldn't have to be one of them. Jose Vilson's important take on that point, When Teachers and Students Fight is something everyone should read and consider. He notes:

We still have school environments that, despite some adults’ best efforts, feel unsafe, hostile, dangerous. The solution, as far as I can tell, isn’t more police officers or security.

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