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Designing Teachers

Deidra Gammill

October 7, 2015

A Matter of Perspective


My husband laughingly refers to me as a Pollyanna. I like to look at the bright side of things and find reasons to be thankful. But even with my glass-half-full personality, I have bad days. Sometimes really bad days. And what I can’t understand is how quickly a good morning can disintegrate into a totally rotten, no-good-very-bad-day. You know the kind. The ones where you started with a little bounce in your step, only to have your students (or maybe just one particular student) turn things upside down, leaving you feeling dejected, defeated, even questioning your career choice?

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Deidra Gammill

May 31, 2015

What Matters Most?


Sometimes when bad things happen, we start to question our beliefs, the road we’ve taken, or even what we think we know about ourselves. We scrutinize our choices; reexamine our priorities. While the questions we ask ourselves are important, the process of answering often prompts deeper reflection and self-discovery. What matters most is not that we’re questioning ourselves; what matters most is how we choose to answer.

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Deidra Gammill

May 4, 2015

#TeachingIs Not About Me


Guest blogger Amanda Koonlaba shares her thoughts on what #TeachingIs and what it is not.

Lately, I have been thinking about how teaching is service. When I Googled the definition of service, my eyes landed almost immediately on the synonym: kindness. I’m not sure I would have come to kindness as a synonym for service on my own. Yet, I was fascinated that I’d never put the two words together. As I began to think more about this concept, I came to an even more important conclusion:

#TeachingIs not about me.

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Deidra Gammill

March 29, 2015

Why I Believe the Critics are "Dead Wrong" about Nancie Atwell

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I joined with many other educators in my surprise over Nancie Atwell’s comments on CNN after receiving the “Nobel Prize” for teaching earlier this month. Taken at face value, her comments seem strangely juxtaposed against a lifetime dedicated to the teaching profession. Which is exactly why I think her comments, and her reputation, deserve more than a knee-jerk response or sensational headline.

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Deidra Gammill

November 25, 2014

A Night in the Life of a Teacherpreneur


It’s early Saturday morning, the bedside clock reads 2:21 and I’m still awake. On one side, my husband of almost a quarter century sleeps deeply. On the other our Australian shepherd sprawls, her doggy snores punctuated by twitching paws and soft whines as she chases squirrels in her dreams.  Between the two I am restless, overly warm despite the chill in the air, uncomfortable. I twist and turn, trying to create a little space for my legs, my elbows, to no avail. I’m trapped.

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Deidra Gammill

November 10, 2014

Leadership is a Choice


As Americans, we tend to have a romanticized view of leadership in general. Our leaders are those at the forefront of the fray, the ones who are recognized, who have followers, right? They are the ones on the nightly news, the covers of biopics, and the go-to people when expertise is needed. Leaders are handpicked for their accomplishments. Isn’t that what being a leader is really all about? Being picked because you stand heads and shoulders above the rest?

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