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The Tempered Radical

Bill Ferriter

March 3, 2016

Pockets of Innovation = Lack of Focus


Not long ago, I was grabbing dinner with a principal friend who lives on the West Coast.  Let's call him Carl*.

It was a great evening, full of provocative conversation that challenged my thinking.  At one point, Carl mentioned that he was frustrated with the pace of change at his building.  "I'm constantly finding pockets of innovation in my building," he said.  "But nothing spreads across our entire school."

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Bill Ferriter

February 14, 2016

Are YOU Using ESPN's E:60 Content in Your Classroom? (You Should Be.)

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Call me crazy, but I am up and out of bed every Sunday morning around 5:45 AM.

My goal is to bang out as much part time work -- blogging and Tweeting and writing and planning and responding to email and preparing for presentations -- as possible before my wife and daughter wake up and start moving.

One of the best parts of the morning is catching ESPN's E:60 segments on the radio as I drive to the local bagel shop for a quick bite.

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Bill Ferriter

January 29, 2016

Tool Review: Head Over Heels in Love with Screencastify

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One of the struggles that I've always had as a teacher is differentiating instruction in my room.  

The truth is that while I believe in targeting instruction towards student needs and allowing students to work at their own pace through my required curriculum, pulling those behaviors off on a consistent basis is a heck of a lot harder than it looks.  Working in a classroom where some students need direct instruction, some need quick review, and some need extensions and enrichment all at the same time can really stretch a teacher thin.  

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Bill Ferriter

January 6, 2016

Top Five Radical Reads of 2015


One of my favorite things about January are the summaries that bloggers share with their networks detailing the posts that drew the most attention in digital spaces.  By pulling the best pieces to the forefront, they make it easy for me to quickly find important thoughts that I missed in my feed reader during the course of the year.

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