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Advancing the Teaching Profession

Barnett Berry

November 25, 2013

Look to other ‘knowledge industries’ to get teacher evaluation right


America’s teaching profession is in need of an overhaul of its teacher evaluation system.  Researchers of many decades ago—including Arthur Wise and Linda Darling-Hammond back in 1984—pointed out such problems as the lack of “uniformity and consistency” as well as “resolve and competency” of administrators in assessing teacher performance.*  

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Barnett Berry

October 28, 2013

Improving teacher prep—what are we waiting for?

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“A doctor, a lawyer, and a teacher walk onto a plane,” began a recent blog post by Justin Minkel. This was no corny joke—but the lead-up to Minkel’s compelling account of a conversation among professionals from different fields.

“We each talked about our profession,” Minkel recalled, “what we love about it, what’s hard about it, and how we get better.” The trio discussed how “teaching requires a level of expertise on par with the medical and legal professions,” yet has a far less practical trajectory for preparation.

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Barnett Berry

October 10, 2013

Investing in Children and Teachers (Singapore's Crest Secondary School)


Seven CTQ Collaboratory teachers are in Singapore to meet with policymakers from 8 cities around the globe—Kristoffer Kohl and I are tagging along. Today: a visit to a Singaporean school that serves high-need students.

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