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Teaching in the Middle

Tricia Ebner

December 28, 2015

Fostering Pride in Work


Picture yourself sitting down to look at some student work, final drafts or projects that should showcase what the students now know and understand about their recent studies. Are you expecting polished work that shows not only all the students have learned, but also demonstrates pride in the work because of the care the students have taken to present their work in an attractive, appealing way? How do you foster that kind of pride and care in your students?

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Tricia Ebner

December 20, 2015

The Beauty of Listening


The time period between Thanksgiving and the winter break can be challenging for students and teachers alike as we try to focus on learning and teaching. Changing up discussion strategies can be fun; the big challenge is keeping quiet so students can lead the discussion and learn from each other. 

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Tricia Ebner

September 12, 2015

Being a Veteran Teacher

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As the school year started and I saw many new faces at our opening district-wide meeting, I realized that I am now one of the veteran teachers. It made me consider how important and valuable my mentors have been to me. How can I possibly share the wisdom that's been shared with me, when those are my stories and experiences? What does it take to be a supportive, encouraging resource to newer teachers? 

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Tricia Ebner

June 25, 2015



As a 24-year veteran of teaching, a person would think I have no trouble transitioning from the school year routines to summer. However, every year, this one included, I struggle with the change in routine? Why? This year, I finally realized what challenges me about the switch in schedule and routine. 

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