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Julie Hiltz

October 31, 2016

Stop calling teachers "All-Stars."


Lower tax revenues and increasing student enrollment is forcing some tough decisions about all kinds of expenditures in my school district lately, including teachers. Our superintendent, Jeff Eakins, has said repeatedly that the priority is “putting students first” and ensuring “we have our very best teachers in front of our students. I agree and I’m with him so far. Tough times require tough decisions, but the needs of students should always come first.  

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Julie Hiltz

October 23, 2016

What happens at conference doesn't stay at conference.

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I spent three days in Orlando last week at the Florida media specialist professional conference, Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME). Being the only person in my position at my school, and having limited access to other media specialists in my district throughout the year, the collegiality and collaboration time I get at this event every year is immeasurable.

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Julie Hiltz

January 6, 2016

How to attract (and retain) high-quality teachers


Florida State Representative Erik Fresen has a plan to attract high quality teachers to work in Florida schools. He would like to make the $44M "Best and Brightest Scholarship Program" a permanent fixture in the state's budget. The program would pay teachers in years 1-7 of their career a bonus of up to $8500 if their SAT or ACT scores were in the 80th percentile for their test year and they are rated as highly effective by their school district.

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Julie Hiltz

January 23, 2015

TWO WORDS! Specific Feedback


I used to write the words a lot, a lot. I mean, like all the time. When I was in high school, I’m fairly certain I had some kind of aversion to the thesaurus. In addition to committing the crime of boring writing, I wrote the words a lot as one word- “alot”. And I did it every time, all the way through high school.

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