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Beyond Buy-In

Jon Eckert

July 6, 2017

Not a mystery: How to permanently end the teacher shortage

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This roundtable synthesis explores five ways to end the teacher shortage and a wealth of links to research, including other compelling posts in this series. To participate in the #Teachershortage conversation, which includes issues from recruitment to retention, join our Twitter chat on Wednesday, July 12th at 4 p.m. EST. We're co-hosting with our friends and colleagues at LPI (Learning Policy Institute). 

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Jon Eckert

February 26, 2014

A Better Option Than TFA


As promised, here is the follow-up post from Derrick and Megan about the alternative to TFA that they chose. Their MAT program certainly has areas that could be improved, but this is the value they see in this type of preparation. If you have not read their initial post or the comments, it will provide additional context. One thing I love about great educators is that they are focused on solutions, so Megan and Derrick certainly could not stop with only reasons why they did NOT do something ...

5 Reasons We Chose a Master of Arts in Teaching

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Jon Eckert

February 21, 2014

Five Reasons We Did Not Choose Teach for America


The impetus for this and the following post came from a conversation with one of my pre-service teachers. She expressed her frustration with having what she was doing as a Master of Arts in Teaching candidate de-valued by Teach for America on our campus. Disclaimer: some of the best people I know in education have entered the profession through TFA and remain in education, so this is not an indictment of all things TFA. These students’ response has its roots in being marginalized for investing time and resources in preparation.

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Jon Eckert

November 22, 2013

Safe to Practice: Getting Teacher Prep Right


Every profession, from medicine to accounting to engineering, has to determine what it means for a professional to be “safe to practice.” To become a professional, you must demonstrate that you can practice safely.

I recently returned from the National edTPA Conference, where we discussed how to implement a performance assessment for pre-service teachers. Keynote speaker Deborah Lowenberg Ball presented on creating a profession in which beginning teachers are “safe to practice.”

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Jon Eckert

September 30, 2013

Why We Need to Move Beyond Buy-in


Why did I title my blog “Beyond Buy-in”?  I have spent years in public schools, in higher education, and at the U.S. Department of Education hearing education leaders who believe the last stop on their way to a new policy is teacher buy-in.

Their conception of teacher buy-in is extremely problematic. To me, “buy-in” connotes the need to buy something that is being sold.

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Jon Eckert

September 11, 2013

Why I Bought 21 Copies of the Same Book


I bought 21 copies of Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers who Lead but don’t Leave.


Why would I spend my own money on 21 copies of this book?


Every year, I buy my students a book that I hope will influence them as teachers, leaders, and human beings.


I write some encouraging and challenging words to each one in the front of the book.  I hope it makes a difference.


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