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After the Bell

Dave Orphal

January 3, 2016

12 Days of Winter Break: All the Guys


Best laid plans of mice and men…

Well, this series was not as extensive as I had planned. Way back on day one, I thought I would write one post each day of break, sharing the work and non-work activities that happen when this teacher is on holiday.

It was hard to remember to get to writing on non-work days. Yesterday is a good example. The day was filled with fun and company. In the morning, my girlfriend, her son, and I set off for the North Carolina Museum of Art. They had two special exhibits we (at least we adults) wanted to see.

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Dave Orphal

January 1, 2016

12 Days of Winter Break: Maids and Ladies


Traveling makes work nearly impossible. As you know, if you are reading this series, I was in Florida visiting family. On Wednesday, it was time to come home. At three in the morning, the alarm went off, and, about thirty minutes later, I was off, too.

Blogging about travel days is essentially a book review, and the ride home offered me time to listen to a great book.

Washington’s Spies:

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Dave Orphal

December 28, 2015

12 Days of Winter Break: Geese and Swans


I was so busy these past two days, that I didn’t take time to write on this series, so this post will have to do double duty.

Christmas was fantastic, thank you for wondering. My girlfriend, her son, and I went to our church for evening service. Our pastor asked us to lead the lighting of the last Advent candle. I was so proud of my girlfriend’s boy. Even though he was nervous and didn’t want to read in front of everybody, he didn’t hesitate and read in a loud, clear voice. He nailed it.

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Dave Orphal

December 23, 2015

The 12 Days of Winter Break : Calling Birds

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Before the break, I spent time writing each of my kids a holiday card. For each of them, I wished them a wonderful break and good luck on their semester finals in January. These past days, I’ve been getting emails from some of them thanking me for the card. I suspect that most of them don’t get mail in their own name. This is one of the little things that make me happy.

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