Kurt, a new reader who writes over at the Wizards Teaching Blog, was caught by my recent post on why educators should blog.  He writes:

It is worthwhile because you are getting your ideas out to the small group, and offering your opinions up for discussion. It is the discussion that is the valuable part of a blog. Your ideas are challenged, and refined. Possibly changed. But whatever happens, your original idea is subjected to the scrutiny of others who often have the same objective as you do – becoming a better teacher. That is really the reason you should blog as a teacher.

Here’s another interesting twist, Kurt: Blogging can allow teachers to enter their voice into important conversations about teaching and learning.

All too often, teachers are left on the sidelines when it comes to making decisions about what is right for students and schools. While leaving us out is not always intentional—we are, after all, locked up with kids while the majority of these decisions are being made—it’s harmful because we know more about key situations and realities than anyone else.

Decisions made without us are unintentionally underinformed!

With more and more educators blogging, however, our “voice” can be heard from any location—-and the followers that you pick up become more informed because you’ve worked to make your thinking and your current reality transparent.

It takes time and effort, but blogging = influence….and that’s something we’ve rarely had.

Is this a “blogging motivation” for anyone besides me?

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