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Jessica Keigan

August 22, 2017

My journey to advocacy


Shawna Fritzler tells her story of how, thorough her experience of taking a stand against private interests who were trying to buy and harm the schools in her local community, she learned the importance of parents teaming with district leadership to ensure that public schools are protected and supported.

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Barnett Berry

August 15, 2017

The future leadership of teachers


Almost 30 years ago, Judith Warren Little, one of our nation’s most prominent scholars, offered a clarion call for teachers to lead school reform, not just be the targets of it. Since then teachers, slowly but surely, are beginning to serve in more expansive roles without leaving the classroom. In a piece originally published by TeachingPartners, Vicki Phillips and I cite examples of teachers leading in bold ways to explore the future of leadership of teachers.

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John Holland

August 14, 2017

The courage to leap


Many teachers find themselves faced with the decision to leap into the unknown and confront fear, hope, self-knowledge, and, ultimately, commitment to the profession that teachers make at crucial times in their careers. In this post, I share the stories of four teacher leaders—Jessica Cuthbertson, Jessica Keigan, Megan Allen, and Lori Nazareno—who chose to make that leap.

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Paul Barnwell

August 7, 2017

Telling stories: One educator’s evolution


After 13 years of telling stories and writing about the profession, I have evolved as an educator and storyteller. Why I write and how I reach  audience have transformed. And as someone long interested in the writing craft and processing the myriad poignant experiences in the classroom, I’m recognizing my own journey as a storyteller. My hope is that these insights prove useful to educators as they share their stories. 

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