What’s your story? 

How do stories impact our work within and beyond the classroom? How might educators, stakeholders, and advocates leverage the power of story to shift the public education narrative?

During a roundtable discussion led by CTQ, educators from across the country explored the power of story.

In her blog post kicking off the roundtable discussion, Ann Byrd, NBCT, COO and Partner of the Center for Teaching Quality, explains why stories matter and how many stories of teaching and learning go untold. In her words, we hold onto stories grounded in our own experiences as a student, “And that holding on is the biggest challenge educators face in telling compelling stories of impact…We face an audience of former students that must revise their own stories to hear ours. An audience that must be open to un-learning what they ‘think’ teaching is like, and to understanding what goes on beyond what they observed, experienced, and selectively remember.”

Ann led the roundtable discussion in collaboration with Jessica Keigan, a high school English teacher, edublogger, and CTQ teacherpreneur who teaches at Horizon High School in Thornton, Colorado.

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