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Conversations about the ways in which teacher leadership can be leveraged to improve teaching and learning are common now, but that wasn’t always the case. For decades educators and noneducators would give a head tilt (you know the one—like when a dog hears a strange noise) when you mentioned the words teacher and leader in […]

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While there has been a ton of press about giving families the choice to attend a better school, what we have not talked about is the fact that schools can also be a choice for the educators within them. Schools are as much about fit for educators as they are for students. It was this […]

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Stepping out in leadership is both exciting and challenging. Viewing the experience as an adventure on behalf of supporting our learners and stretching yourself and your colleagues can help you take the risk. You may never know where your first leadership steps could take you unless you step out!

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As the holidays are fast approaching, I’m anxiously anticipating much-needed family time with loved ones. If you’re like me, you’ll also utilize some of those relaxing moments to catch up on professional readings you’ve had bookmarked for a while. The Center for Teaching Quality’s latest roundtable blog “Teachers leading, leading teachers” is on my list […]