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Today’s public schools face a number of challenges. Lack of funding and diminishing resources, ever increasing academic expectations, and growing proportions of students living in poverty, with trauma, and even without homes, are just a few of the complex issues our public schools must address. The time has come for a new brand of school […]

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Leading together is challenging. It requires revolutionized mindsets about how school systems should operate; however, it is the only avenue that will bring about the remodeling of American education to match what our students need. The work is complex because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions (Leftwich, 2006). Rather, it is a matter of consistently “minding […]

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In the forthcoming series of blogs in this roundtable, K-12 public education leaders from across the country, working in different parts of the system, will share lessons learned in their efforts to spur collective leadership for school improvement and transformation. Barnett Berry, founder and CEO of CTQ, kicks off the conversation here. Join us at […]