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Lori Nazareno

February 10, 2017

Collaboration, not competition: Charter and district teacher-powered schools share a common purpose


Teacher-Powered Schools Roundtable: TPSI Ambassadors Carrie Bakken and Julene Oxton share powerful lessons about their shared purpose and reflect on the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference.

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Kristoffer Kohl

February 3, 2017

We know what to do about teacher shortages


A new Learning Policy Institute Report tells us what we knew along. In a piece authored for Education Week's 'On California' blog, I write how supporting teachers and making their jobs decent will solve both the teacher shortage and teacher quality problems.

Education Week: We know what to do about teacher shortages

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Sandy Merz

January 1, 2016

Category: Teacher Evaluation - 1987 or 2015?


The jumping off point for this post is the game show Remote Control that premiered in 1987 as MTV's first non-music show. Contestants, sitting in recliners, would point their remotes at a TV and name a channel. The host would name a corresponding category and ask a question. My favorite category was Dead or Canadian? for which the contestant would identify someone obscure to MTV fans as belonging to someone dead (like Allen Dulles) or Canadian (like Leonard Cohen).

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Ariel Sacks

December 1, 2014

9 Ways I Appreciate My New School #ThankfulTeacher


I know many teachers who love to teach, but how many teachers honestly say they love the schools in which they teach?  Inside scoop? Not enough. Schools, especially urban schools, are so often plagued with various levels of frustration. Usually, there is no one character at fault, and no one simple solution. Education is a complex and flawed system—the problems are interconnected.  And yet, despite deep flaws in our system and society, there are schools that find ways to move in a forward direction, creating conditions for teaching and learning to be a joyous and sustainable process. 

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Cheryl Redfield

November 11, 2014

A Phoenix Rises in Arizona


Teacher advocacy is not without its heart aches. But for those who persevere, what doesn't kill your career can transform you into a activist who rises like a phoenix. Read Katie's story and find out how she used the lowest point in her teaching career to jumpstart a new brand of teacher leadership!

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Tori Mazur

October 15, 2014

If the Shoe Fits


As a new addition to an established staff and faculty, I am forging connections in my physical workspace at the same time that my digital network is widening.  

Being a Connected Educator, for me, means I must plug in to an existing network of relationships in my building and community.  This year in particular, I see that we don’t truly “get” what someone else’s job is...unless we’ve stepped into their shoes.

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Dave Orphal

September 29, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin


Imagine, if you will, professional development designed to build the capacity of teacher leaders?  Imagine, PD driven not by someone else's agenda, but rather organized about teachers' own ideas for school imporvement?  Imagine actually being excited about PD for an entire year and having a ready-made network of like-minded professionals poised to support your efforts?

If you can, then you might be thinking about the Teacher Leadership Initative.

Read on...  This is NOT the Twilight Zone...

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