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trust in teachers

Renee Moore

April 6, 2015

Hard Lessons From Atlanta


Under the current state and federal educational policies, test scores are used to justify punishing schools and their students for being chronic underperformers BEFORE necessary steps have been taken to correct the profoundly unequal learning conditions deliberately created for the children in those schools.

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Sandy Merz

March 30, 2015

My Teacher Leader Manifesto


My Teaching is no longer limited to the work of preparing students for their futures. Instead, to be a TeacherI must also include working beyond the classroom to rebuild the profession and turn the country away from the abyss and toward a new day in education.

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Justin Minkel

March 21, 2015

What It Takes


How do you think the following story ends?

A six-year-old child is sexually assaulted by her stepfather. Her mother is not literate, and her family lives in poverty. She suffers both physical and psychological problems from the abuse she endured. She experiences a psychotic episode in third grade and is sent to a facility an hour’s drive from her town.

Four years later, here is the same girl:

She is confident and happy. She is considering a career as a police officer, though her mom thinks she should become a nurse, and her teacher thinks she should be a doctor. She plans to go to college.

How did this child get from there to here? How did she write a new story for her life?

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