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trust in teachers

Renee Moore

March 9, 2007

Value added or multiplied?


Soon, our first TeacherSolutions group here at TLN will release a report on our study of performance pay for teachers. We looked at the history of this issue, the many failures along the way, the objections, the rationales, and most important, the benefits (if any) for students and teachers. One reason the performance- or merit-pay issue has been revived recently is the proliferation of standardized testing in K-12.

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Renee Moore

February 14, 2007

Soul searching


This month, many students will learn about the Underground Railroad and its heroic participants. What they might not learn is what happened to those slaves whofollowed the North Star. Many reached Canada, built new lives, and established thriving communities. My mother was born in such a town in southwestern Ontario. Now called North Buxton, it was originally Elgin Settlement: The Community That Hope Built. What the former slaves built first were homes, churches, and schools.

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