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Jennifer Barnett

March 28, 2012

Taking the #commoncore to Twitter


Each month our #teaching2030 Twitter chat draws an amazing group of thoughtful minds. This month’s chat on the Common Core standards was no exception. We posed several questions to these teacher leaders about the implementation of the standards. Thoughts About Implementation @dlaufenberg shared three excellent points: I think it is key that we look at [...]

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Barnett Berry

March 7, 2012

New MetLife Teacher Survey shows economy's effects on the profession


Once again, MetLife’s Survey of the American Teacher offers deep insights into the status of America’s teaching profession.

Teachers report significant reductions in school budgets, programs, and services. Meanwhile, students and their families report an increase in needs.

And, strikingly, teacher satisfaction is lower than it has been in more than two decades, with a precipitous drop of 15 points since 2009.

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Shannon Cde Baca

March 4, 2012

Chatting about #edtech from the middle of the Pacific


I work—and sometimes it feels like I live—in cyberspace. So, this month’s #teaching2030 Twitter chat on integrating technology was my kind of chat. First, the amazing technology that we chat about allowed me to facilitate this chat from Maui. I teach online and have connected with my kids from Maui each winter, New Mexico and [...]

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