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John Holland

September 2, 2013

The End of the Collaborateurs?


Dear Collaborateurs - Jose and I began our work together on the Future of Teaching blog to expand the conversations around the book Teaching 2030 in August of 2009. It gave us a forum to further explore the themes, termed Emergent Realities, of that collaborative work.


Emergent Reality 1: Transformed learning ecology.

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Dave Orphal

August 22, 2013

I Bought Two Copies


Stop reading this post.  Stop right now.  Click on this link and buy yourself a copy of Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don’t Leave.  Come back when you're done.  The post will be right here waiting for you…

Cool!  Welcome back! 

If you are a teacher who wants to effect positive change in your school, district, or state; if you don’t want to leave your classroom and your kids to do this; if you’ve often thought, “There has to be a way to do both,” then this book might be the best thing you read this year. 

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Brianna Crowley

August 13, 2013

Introduction: Sharing the Gold


Logging onto the CTQ Collaboratory makes me feel like I’ve struck gold. For the price of a few clicks, I have access to resources from brilliant teachers who have dared to develop and share their voices from the classroom.

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Megan Allen

July 14, 2013

You're doing what?!? Guilt and career choices in education.


Confession: I have been flitting in and out of the classroom for several years, struggling to find my right place in education. Since my profession does not yet provide a career lattice, I can’t find my exact fit. I am a square peg that keeps trying to fit into a series of round holes.

2009:  I worked around the state and country, representing Florida’s teachers and students in matters of policy and practice as 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year.  I loved the multiple lenses from which I learned to view education, but I missed teaching the little ones.

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John Holland

July 9, 2013

Time to Learn for Teachers and Students




First I want to say, what the heck is Eric Cantor doing talking about Common Core? Our state, yes he is my personal house representative, has not adopted the Common Core. As I watched the video Eric Cantor seemed more interested in attacking the federal government’s (agreeably faulty) education agenda that incentivises states’ adoption of the standards, not in discussing what it means to be ready for college. But, lets put that aside.


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Megan Allen

June 23, 2013

Teacher leadership: Putting the horse back in front of the cart


What IS teacher leadership?  

The Teacher Leader Model Standards attempt to create some working level of this concept with seven domains, including teachers as collaborators, researchers, learners, facilitators, data analysts, outreach and community specialists, and advocates.

But what would Florida teacher leaders say when asked to define teacher leadership? I posed the question to a group of emerging and current teacher leaders at the University of South Florida—St. Petersburg's Teachers as Leaders Institute. Here’s how they replied.

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Renee Moore

June 19, 2013

Tired of Re-runs? Let's Get To Solutions in Teacher Preparation


Although I'm still reading through the latest report on teacher education programs in the U.S., so far it's been old news and questionable research. Criticisms of teacher prep are not new; in fact, most of the ones leveled in this new (?) report have been highlighted before, most notably by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Preparation and Partnerships commissioned by the major teacher education accrediting body, NCATE (now CAEP) a few years ago.

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