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Noah Zeichner

June 24, 2014

Professional Learning Takes Time


Later this week I will be presenting a workshop at Asia Society's Global Learning annual conference in Brooklyn, New York. Asia Society is also behind the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN). Last month, CTQ released a report entitled "A Global Network of Teachers and Their Professional Learning Systems." Seven teachers, including me, who attended the GCEN meeting in Singapore last October, offer recommendations for how school systems can better structure and support professional learning for teachers.

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Megan Allen

May 14, 2014

Green eggs, brown eggs, and hatching teacher leadership


Special thanks to Mount Holyoke College Psychology Visiting Assistant Professor Amy Grillo for her support and beautiful eggs, as well as Dr. John Holland from Viriginia Commonwealth University and Dr. Jon Eckert from Wheaton College for their research guidance and wisdom. 


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Justin Minkel

April 16, 2014

Speak Less, Act Right


The first time I read these words by a Holocaust survivor, they haunted me. “My eyes saw what no person should witness: gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. So I am suspicious of education. My request is: Help your children become human.” To fulfill that request, our actions matter far more than our words.

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Barnett Berry

April 1, 2014

On unions and the future of the teaching profession


I’m no blame-the-unions pundit. After all, management—not unions—have imposed many of the rules that stifle creative (heck, even just sensible) practices in schools.

But here’s the plain truth: it’s time for unions to innovate.

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John Holland

March 17, 2014

9 Takeaways of an NBCT from the Teaching and Learning 2014 Conference


Nine years ago, I attended the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards conference in Washington, D.C. It was the most important thing I have ever done, after becoming an NBCT, for my professional soul.

I just got back from this year’s conference, and it was awesome. It was the conference I hoped to attend nine years ago. Here are my nine takeaways from the 2014 Teaching & Learning Conference.

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Ariel Sacks

March 9, 2014

Teacherpreneurs Panel and How We Benefit Students


On the Teacherpreneurs Panel this week at the Ford Foundation, I found myself in the unusual situation of speaking publicly about the intricacies of engaging in a range of leadership work in education while teaching full time. Normally I’m talking to people who know me in one capacity or another—as a teacher, a teacher leader, teacher-blogger, author, or workshop presenter—but being asked about the connections between all of these things was unique. 

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Ariel Sacks

January 26, 2014

Should Teachers Acquire Funds for Classroom Resources?


Teachers, have you utilized to fund supplies for your classroom?  Have you mused about launching a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign to fund technology for your students? If so, I understand where you're coming from. But lately I've been having a hard time wrapping my brain around that reality. 

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John Holland

December 24, 2013

A is for Apple


I am going to eat this apple. When I do it will be the best apple I have ever tasted. It is a special apple. You might say it is magical, even if it did come from the VCU dining hall. It was given to me by one of my college students in my Foundations of Education course. In fifteen years of teaching I have never received an apple before. I never really expected to either.

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