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August 23, 2010

Teaching 2030: An action plan to remake our schools and our profession


In the raging controversy over how to fix the nation’s underperforming schools, the voices of America’s best teachers are seldom heard. Now, in a provocative book about the future of teaching and learning, 12 of America’s most accomplished classroom educators join a leading advocate for a 21st-century teaching profession to bring expert classroom know-how and fresh policy ideas to the school reform debate.

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June 5, 2010

Teacher letters to Obama


It's something of a Facebook phenomenon in education circles.Teacher Letters to Obama began in late 2009 as a grassroots effort to offer a counter-narrative about school reform from U.S. teachers who believe they are equally committed to the success of all students but question whether federal policy will produce the results promised to the American public.

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Ariel Sacks

April 19, 2009

Birthday wish


So, I'm turning 30 this week. My 20's were great, but I'm glad to have worked out a lot of the existential turmoil that went with them and move into something that feels more like full-fledged adulthood!  So yeah, I'm thinking about a family, a house, and all those cliches of grownup life that require some long term planning.

Oh, and I almost forgot--a career.

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