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teacher preparation

Megan Allen

October 8, 2014

Talk with Teachers interview: Epic fist fights, embracing failure, and building relationships with social media


I love students. I love teachers. And I really love teachers who do cool things because of how much they care about students and public education! 

Brian and Jessica Sztabnik are two teachers who do just that with their Talks with Teachers website, Pinterest page, Facebook page, and podcast (which is now the number one K-12 podcast on iTunes!).

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John Holland

September 26, 2014

What is a good school?


One of the things I love about teaching my college students in my Foundations of Education class is helping them to grapple with the same types of questions teachers everywhere ask themselves every day. It is one of the reasons I love the Collaboratory too. As a teacher in the transformed learning ecology we describe in Teaching 2030, I am continually transformed as I learn from from my students, just as the learn from me and each other.

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Ariel Sacks

August 24, 2014

Are Middle School and High School Students Really That Different? Observations and Advice From MS/HS Teachers


I’m excited to be making a big move this school year, from being a middle school teacher to a middle school AND high school teacher.  Yep, I’ve taken a new position as the 8th and 9th grade English teacher at a small K-12 school in my neighborhood.  And while 9th grade is not far from 8th, I know that one year makes a big difference in the life of an adolescent.

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Megan Allen

August 15, 2014

To all you cliff divers out there, enjoy the plunge!


This week's guest post is from Sarah Frenette*, one of my dear friends and an amazing teacher educator.

During a recent family vacation to a granite island 15 miles off the coast of Maine, I sat on the cool gray stone of a retired quarry and pondered the leap that many novice teachers, veteran teachers and I will make in a few short weeks. We will dive in to a new school year filled with promises of challenges, struggles, rewards and accomplishments.

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