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teacher leadership

Jessica Cuthbertson

March 6, 2016

From Safety Goggles to Seventh Period: What Shadowing A Student Taught Me


Have you shadowed a student in your school? This post describes what I learned from stepping into the shoes of a freshman for one day. And why I believe we should all shadow our students to redesign the school experience. 

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Adam Tilove

February 25, 2016

An open letter to school administrators


School administrators have a choice in how they see and treat teachers—and that choice profoundly affects how schools operate. If we see teachers as “those that can’t do,” then administrators will remain overwhelmed with responsibilities and teachers will continue to feel underutilized and under appreciated. But if we see teachers as highly intelligent, caring, committed professionals, our responsibilities can shift to inspiring, empowering, and assisting teachers as they “do” the critical work of helping to lead their schools. 


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Jessica Cuthbertson

February 16, 2016

Why I'm Still Tweeting


Twitter is the place I go most frequently to connect with educators I admire and respect (many whom I’ve never met in person), engage in professional conversations (both formal Twitter chats and informal discussions), and it is one of my primary education news sources (I’ve swapped scanning headlines for hashtags). Why do you tweet?

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Megan Allen

February 1, 2016

Florida: The Connected Educator


This guest blog post is written by Janelle Dickerson, a recongnized and certified K-8 dance educator and teacher leader at a ES/PS 315 The Lab School for Children in the Bronx. Her piece was inspired by the teacher leader vignettes written in Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up.

Fran Siracusa interviewed by Janelle Dickerson


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