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teacher evaluation

John Holland

March 20, 2014

Questions about Standardized Testing: A Discussion Post


The testing season is upon us. I can feel the stress tick up a notch and I don’t even test my students. We use anecdotal records to assess our students’ development. However, in my school, we have already had a pep rally for one content area of standardized testing. My students sang our class theme song, “You Can Make It If You Try”, to the students who were going to take the test.

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John Holland

March 17, 2014

9 Takeaways of an NBCT from the Teaching and Learning 2014 Conference


Nine years ago, I attended the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards conference in Washington, D.C. It was the most important thing I have ever done, after becoming an NBCT, for my professional soul.

I just got back from this year’s conference, and it was awesome. It was the conference I hoped to attend nine years ago. Here are my nine takeaways from the 2014 Teaching & Learning Conference.

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Renee Moore

March 11, 2014

NCLB-Style Accountability---Coming to a College Campus Near You!


Increasingly, Regional Accreditation Agencies are requiring colleges to show evidence of student learning outcomes as part of their re-accreditation process.  While much of this is common knowledge and practice to elementary and secondary teachers, the language of accountability is relatively foreign to many colleagues in the post-secondary world.

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Renee Moore

January 29, 2014

A Mama Riffs on Testing


Fawn Johnson, editor over at the Education Insiders Blog of the National, posed several questions to us about standardaized testing, and she approached them not just as an education writer, but also as a mother. Here's my response to her which is cross-posted at Insiders.

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Bill Ferriter

January 23, 2014



In a lengthy news conference yesterday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made a passionate case for creating an efficient and effective state government that gave citizens "a bigger bang for their dollar."  That's a noble goal I can fully support.  Governments SHOULD be efficient -- and any governor who is willing to step up and find ways to provide high quality services by "spending less and taking in more" is a-okay by me.

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