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teacher evaluation

Dave Orphal

June 4, 2015

Am I a good teacher? Part 1 of 3


"Mr. Orphal, I've been in your room several times this year," said my new vice principal over at Skyline High several years ago. "Every time, the students look like they are working hard, but I've never seen you teach!"

Obviously, in my mind, he had.

For me, teaching isn't about me being on a stage. It isn't about telling the children what I know, in hopes that they will remember it come test day. I'm not interested in my students filling in the correct bubbles to show the powers-that-be what they remember from my lectufying. 

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Cheryl Redfield

May 3, 2015

#TeachingIs: Peer-to-Peer Collaboration


One teacher alone without support is not an ideal condition for teaching and learning. But it is an all too common occurence. Yet, it is easy to understand why peer-to-peer collaboration has been viewed as a more viable and sustainable way to increase efficacy in the classroom. Because, when it is all said and done, the truth is that we are more effective together than in isolation.

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Liz Prather

April 27, 2015

How To Be a Teacher Leader


CTQ blogger Sandy Merz recently posted “My Teacher Leader Manifesto” and challenged teacher leaders to write theirs. Instead of writing a manifesto, I decided to write a few thoughts about how one might become a teacher leader in his or her department, school or district.  These are some of the steps I have taken to develop as a teacher leader.

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Megan Allen

April 13, 2015

Guest blog: Atlanta Educators' Prosecution is Legal but Unjust


I have been following, quietly, the prosecution (persecution?) of the Atlanta educators in the testing scandal. To find out more about the legal perspective, I asked my childhood friend Joseph Allen to guest blog. Joseph is a successful attorney, and (from what I remember from high school), one of the most intelligent people I know. Below are his comments. My heart and thoughts go out to the Atlanta educators, students, and families. I do not condone their actions, but by no means do I feel that they are receiving fair treatment. 


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Renee Moore

April 6, 2015

Hard Lessons From Atlanta


Under the current state and federal educational policies, test scores are used to justify punishing schools and their students for being chronic underperformers BEFORE necessary steps have been taken to correct the profoundly unequal learning conditions deliberately created for the children in those schools.

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