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student assessment

Tori Mazur

January 24, 2015

Staying In Touch

"They have been out of the classroom too long."

"They are out of touch with how it really is."
"They should spend a day in my room and then try to tell me how to do my job."

Sound familiar?  I fear I will become one of them, but communication has always been key for quality relationships and it's what I hope will keep me "safe". 

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Justin Minkel

January 10, 2015

How do you teach what’s measured AND what matters?


Teacher friends, colleagues, and mentors, I need your insights. How do you teach what matters most, while making sure your students do well on those basic skills measured most, too?

I’ve heard the line from the architects of NCLB that tested skills are a floor, not a ceiling. The reality, though, is that it takes a lot longer to build that floor with kids who walk into school burdened by the challenges that poverty brings. Yet those kids need the ceiling and, beyond, the sky.

How do you give it to them?

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Bill Ferriter

January 9, 2015

Is Your Team Identifying Essential Learning Targets Together?


One of the most embarrassing moments that I've ever had as a classroom teacher was the day that a seventh grade science teacher in my school stopped by my room to completely ream my learning team.  

"I'm SICK of it!" she shouted.  "Every year, you guys send us students that know different things.  It makes teaching completely impossible.  Could you PLEASE start teaching the same content in your classrooms?!"

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Tori Mazur

December 19, 2014

Jekyll & Hyde From Testing


My administrators know the challenges I face in a dual-role.  When they interviewed me during the summer, I was sold on the idea of coming to my school to work with the adults in the building, integrating technology and supporting literacy efforts.  There was a caveat though.  The other part of the job posting on the district's website said "Testing Assistant".  Total misprint. Clerical error. Now I'm constantly battling myself as Jekyll and Hyde.  How many different people are you on a daily basis?  

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