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student assessment

Tricia Ebner

December 28, 2015

Fostering Pride in Work


Picture yourself sitting down to look at some student work, final drafts or projects that should showcase what the students now know and understand about their recent studies. Are you expecting polished work that shows not only all the students have learned, but also demonstrates pride in the work because of the care the students have taken to present their work in an attractive, appealing way? How do you foster that kind of pride and care in your students?

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Liz Prather

December 26, 2015

Thoughts from our Blogging Unit II: A New Year's Wish for Compassion


During this season of fiery political rhetoric, my students have been looking for models of harmony and compassion. Two stories of every day heroes stand as models for character-driven decisions.  My new year's wish for my students is to always see their own humanity in others with empathy and tolerance for all. 

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Sandy Merz

October 29, 2015

A Model for Crowdsourced Standardized Testing


Could we build a standardized testing system from crowdsourced content and open-source technology?

The two goals of this idea - to create data that teachers can use to inform their instruction and that can aid in evaluating teachers and schools - are familiar. But in the idea I describe below, every element of the system remains close to the classroom, with ongoing community input, and allows for improvement and correction, all at a relatively low cost, mostly paid locally.

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