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parent and community engagement

Jessica Cuthbertson

December 31, 2015

3 Edu-Resolutions for New Teachers In The New Year


Explore these three practices to help you remove (or at least reduce) the number of tasks on your plate: 1) Less grading and more real-time feedback, 2) Set limits -- and stick to them, and 3) Just say no (at least occasionally). I hope these edu-resolutions help minimize stress and create small pockets of time to reflect, reenergize, and reignite your passion for teaching and learning this year.


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Jessica Cuthbertson

November 23, 2015

Say This, Not That: How Our Words Elevate (or Denigrate) the Profession


Whether we like it or not, teaching is a public profession. What we say (and how we say it) matters. Principals, parents, colleagues, and students are listening and watching. Our language can be used as a lever to communicate the very real challenges we face while still upholding professionalism. Check out this, "Say This...Not That," list of common phrases and share your own solutions-oriented sentence frames for elevating the profession.

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Sandy Merz

October 29, 2015

A Model for Crowdsourced Standardized Testing


Could we build a standardized testing system from crowdsourced content and open-source technology?

The two goals of this idea - to create data that teachers can use to inform their instruction and that can aid in evaluating teachers and schools - are familiar. But in the idea I describe below, every element of the system remains close to the classroom, with ongoing community input, and allows for improvement and correction, all at a relatively low cost, mostly paid locally.

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Marcia Powell

September 7, 2015

Lines of Learning (How My Child Let Go of a 4.0)


My students have taught me much about learning and teaching, but when it comes to my children, often I see myself as pupil.  Just for the sake of privacy, let's call this child Jae.  Jae came home and told us that the transcript s/he had gotten was no longer a 4.0.  Now, this was a bit surprising, as studying and rule-following always have been a big priority.  My spouse followed up and found that a summer class was an A- because of a technicality.  What followed was a great learning experience:

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Liz Prather

July 31, 2015

The Moments In Between: What They Never Show in Teacher Movies


New teachers, don't be fooled by the serial moments of epiphany showcased in teacher movies.  That's all Hollywood and plot points.  It's the moments in between that make the good teacher great. 

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