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high-needs schools

Barnett Berry

March 10, 2016

Investing more and differently in students: Teacher leadership for deeper learning


What do students experience when teachers can lead and learn deeply? Peek inside Social Justice Humanitas Academy (Los Angeles Unified School District)—and find out how we can seize opportunities to take deeper learning to scale. 

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William  Tolley

February 13, 2016

Semester Without Grades: An Early Report from the Field


This past August I seized the opportunity be an early adopter (read: guinea pig) by requesting that my principal let me pilot a transitional gradeless classroom (our goal is to be a fully standards-based high school within 3-5 years). Six months later, I am emerging from the initial messiness of the process (that stage of cleaning your room when you’ve got your junk in piles all over the place, and can now start folding and filling drawers) so I thought I might share a few reflections in the moment.

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Marcia Powell

February 10, 2016

The Stinky No Good Day


Today was a bad day. It's all the stinky dog's fault.  Alright, it is not the animal's fault. It has been extremely cold, and our older dog with arthritis needs to come in. Not perfect, but it is what you get when you accept the responsibility of an animal. I grabbed a suit jacket off a chair (In hindsight, I should have asked myself, "why wasn't it on the hanger?!") and headed out the door. Partway to work, I realized the suit had a musty dog smell. Most likely, it had fallen off the hanger, and our pet must have used it as a pillow before someone kindly picked it up off the floor.

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Sandy Merz

January 29, 2016

Does Moving Money From Prisons to Schools Really Make Sense?


Will we forever be stuck shaking our heads at the annual cost to lock up a prisoner compared to the annual cost to educate a child and saying that since we're going to pay the money anyway why don’t we pay it up front by better funding our schools and then maybe more students will graduate and become productive citizens instead of dropping out and becoming criminals?

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