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education technology

Bill Ferriter

March 8, 2015

Tool Review: Zaption Makes Differentiation Doable


One of the core instructional behaviors that I've been trying to polish over the past few years is providing differentiated learning experiences for my students.

The simple truth is that whole class instruction isn't completely appropriate when my classrooms are full of students with incredibly diverse abilities.  My challenge, then, is finding ways to stretch students in need of enrichment and to provide extra practice to students in need of remediation.

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Bill Ferriter

February 28, 2015

New Slide: Technology is a Tool, NOT a Leadership Outcome


Most members of Radical Nation know that I whipped up an image titled What Do You Want Students to Do With Technology a few years ago that tends to resonate with audiences.  It is certainly the most popular piece of content that I have ever created, racking up nearly 40,000 views on Flickr and turning up in #edtech presentation after #edtech presentation.

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