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Marcia Powell

July 3, 2015



There's a reason for that straight line, miss.  Don't cross over it and you'll be fine.

So here's my question:  do you cross the line, or not? What is your reasoning?  Is it valid?  Is it customary?  Can we paint over the line?  Drop it into a pot of boiling water so it bends and, like a spaghetti noodle, morphs into a curlique shape? Does the color of the line matter, or it the authority it represents something you believe in?

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William  Tolley

June 29, 2015

Summer Cleaning: Eliminating Bad Habits One at a Time


Due to the frenzy and fragmentation of the school day and year—after an appropriate, gentle and well-earned transition—summer is the best time to sweep the shed, clear the cobwebs and put your tools in order ahead of the imminent next semester. Here’s a simple—but thorough—step-by-step process for making it happen. 

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Liz Prather

June 23, 2015

Teaching Hope: The Connection between Life Expectancy and Academic Success


When I queried my sentences on 100 "life inventory" questions ranging from "Who would be happy for you if you won a million dollars?"  to "Why do you write?" to "Where does God live?" it was the answers to the question "When will you die?" that caught my attention. I noticed a strange pattern emerge among the answers given by my AP and my regular English students. 

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Megan Allen

June 9, 2015

Teacher leader perceptions on leadership


Lately I’ve been thinking deeply about some questions around the Teacher Leader Model Standards: Which domains do teachers feel they are “living in?” Which ones do they feel the weakest in? And which domains are our public education systems utilizing and underutilizing? So I did a little on-the-fly informal research using social media. Over 100 teachers responded, giving some great insight into a small sample.


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