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education policy

Jessica Cuthbertson

February 16, 2016

Why I'm Still Tweeting


Twitter is the place I go most frequently to connect with educators I admire and respect (many whom I’ve never met in person), engage in professional conversations (both formal Twitter chats and informal discussions), and it is one of my primary education news sources (I’ve swapped scanning headlines for hashtags). Why do you tweet?

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William  Tolley

February 13, 2016

Semester Without Grades: An Early Report from the Field


This past August I seized the opportunity be an early adopter (read: guinea pig) by requesting that my principal let me pilot a transitional gradeless classroom (our goal is to be a fully standards-based high school within 3-5 years). Six months later, I am emerging from the initial messiness of the process (that stage of cleaning your room when you’ve got your junk in piles all over the place, and can now start folding and filling drawers) so I thought I might share a few reflections in the moment.

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Sandy Merz

January 29, 2016

Does Moving Money From Prisons to Schools Really Make Sense?


Will we forever be stuck shaking our heads at the annual cost to lock up a prisoner compared to the annual cost to educate a child and saying that since we're going to pay the money anyway why don’t we pay it up front by better funding our schools and then maybe more students will graduate and become productive citizens instead of dropping out and becoming criminals?

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Julie Hiltz

January 6, 2016

How to attract (and retain) high-quality teachers


Florida State Representative Erik Fresen has a plan to attract high quality teachers to work in Florida schools. He would like to make the $44M "Best and Brightest Scholarship Program" a permanent fixture in the state's budget. The program would pay teachers in years 1-7 of their career a bonus of up to $8500 if their SAT or ACT scores were in the 80th percentile for their test year and they are rated as highly effective by their school district.

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Sandy Merz

January 1, 2016

Category: Teacher Evaluation - 1987 or 2015?


The jumping off point for this post is the game show Remote Control that premiered in 1987 as MTV's first non-music show. Contestants, sitting in recliners, would point their remotes at a TV and name a channel. The host would name a corresponding category and ask a question. My favorite category was Dead or Canadian? for which the contestant would identify someone obscure to MTV fans as belonging to someone dead (like Allen Dulles) or Canadian (like Leonard Cohen).

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