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Megan Allen

February 1, 2016

Florida: The Connected Educator


This guest blog post is written by Janelle Dickerson, a recongnized and certified K-8 dance educator and teacher leader at a ES/PS 315 The Lab School for Children in the Bronx. Her piece was inspired by the teacher leader vignettes written in Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up.

Fran Siracusa interviewed by Janelle Dickerson


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Jessica Cuthbertson

December 31, 2015

3 Edu-Resolutions for New Teachers In The New Year


Explore these three practices to help you remove (or at least reduce) the number of tasks on your plate: 1) Less grading and more real-time feedback, 2) Set limits -- and stick to them, and 3) Just say no (at least occasionally). I hope these edu-resolutions help minimize stress and create small pockets of time to reflect, reenergize, and reignite your passion for teaching and learning this year.


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Dave Orphal

December 7, 2015

What Rigor looks like to me, Part 1


Over the past ten years, I’ve heard the word “Rigor” and the phrase, “We need to increase rigor” time and time again.

What does that mean?

For some of my colleagues, increasing rigor means more homework. For others, it means a faster pace to their lectures and more frequent quizzes and tests. For the School Board back in Oakland where I taught until last year, it meant increasing the high school graduation requirements to match the University of California’s minimum acceptance criteria.

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