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classroom practice

Bill Ferriter

April 22, 2007

Torment for a new generation...


I think what has crossed my mind since the Virginia Tech tragedy has been the lack of serious consequences for bullying and harrassment in many schools today. Instead of taking a stand against the kind of callous treatment that has become commonplace in many children, we consistently downplay the kinds of abuse that happens in our schoolhouses. "That's just the nature of middle school," we'll say.

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Bill Ferriter

April 9, 2007

You kid are an A+...or are you?


Grading has been something that I've wrestled with as a teacher for the better part of my fourteen-year career.  Teaching Language Arts--a subject that is highly subjective in nature--has made it difficult to feel as if I'm accurately assessing the true abilities of my students.  Determining the finer shades between "A" work and "B" work has been a constant battle. 

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