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Justin Minkel

October 26, 2017

Now there has to be an “us”


Over the past two months, through an extraordinary series of posts on social justice and equity, I discovered the collective heroism and strength of that “us.” All seven pieces were written by teacher leaders who are LGBT, people of color, or both. Their insights and experiences come from a perspective that straight white teachers like me--no matter how much we listen, learn, and care--will never be able to provide.

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Marcia Powell

October 16, 2017

Language is an Equity Issue

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Someplace in America today, a kid will have been sent to the office for offensive language.  He or she will be outside of the classroom for ten or more minutes.  Learning time will be lost. Perhaps the child will have told a teacher or classmate to shut the @#Q$ up or dropped swear words in the hallway. Or maybe a teacher will be distracted because of a cultural spelling; a baseball jersey with last name Fukodome, or a Rick and Morty reference.

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