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Brian Curtin

July 24, 2017

Shaping your story one tailwind at a time


Using the theory of headwinds/ tailwinds asymmetry as a framework, Brian Curtin discusses the ways in which we tell our own stories and its impact on our perception of our schools, our colleagues, our administrators, our parents, and our kids. Once we're cognizant of these stories, we can use them to reshape our mindset in an effort to make our professional lives happier and more productive.

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Jon Eckert

July 6, 2017

Not a mystery: How to permanently end the teacher shortage

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This roundtable synthesis explores five ways to end the teacher shortage and a wealth of links to research, including other compelling posts in this series. To participate in the #Teachershortage conversation, which includes issues from recruitment to retention, join our Twitter chat on Wednesday, July 12th at 4 p.m. EST. We're co-hosting with our friends and colleagues at LPI (Learning Policy Institute). 

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