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John Holland

May 29, 2017

Experiential learning: Best practice for students (and their teachers)


How are teachers being prepared for the classroom in other parts of the world? Many countries are providing education students with more clinical practice in real school settings. In this roundtable post, guest author Jessica Roberts advocates for pre-service teachers getting into classrooms earlier and more often.

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Kristoffer Kohl

May 22, 2017

Collective leadership: A call to action


Over the past two months, a collection of teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and educational leaders from around the nation have grappled with these very questions in CTQ’s blogging roundtable discussion on collective leadership. And from that discussion, I’ve learned that the time for collective leadership is now.  Here’s what schools and districts need to make the shift from traditional leadership to collective.

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Jessica Keigan

May 22, 2017

Teacher residencies: A foundation for teacher retention?


A solid preparation program is the foundation for a successful career in any field. Teacher residency programs take a page from medical training programs to provide an immersive and practical learning experience for aspiring teachers. Explore with me how these programs prepare teacher candidates to start strong and feel confident continuing their careers in the classroom.

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Justin Minkel

May 15, 2017

Cracking the teacher recruitment and retention code


I teach in a school that is 99% poverty yet has virtually 0% turnover. How has Jones Elementary cracked the teacher recruitment and retention code? Read how abstract “working conditions” like job flexibility, professional and personal growth, and advancement opportunities work together to create a culture of stability, mutual respect, and autonomy in this high-needs school.

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Barnett Berry

May 9, 2017

Meet John M. Holland, blogging lead for the teacher shortages roundtable discussion

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John M. Holland, Ph.D., NBCT, will lead the blogging roundtable discussion on teacher shortages this May and June. An early childhood educator in Richmond, Virginia, John has more than 20 years of experience serving his community's youngest and most vulnerable students.  

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John Holland

May 7, 2017

Dear Future Teacher: Why we need you to choose and stay in the profession


The latest roundtable discussion on teacher shortages launches with this letter to future teachers. Roundtable lead John Holland challenges readers to move beyond the #ThankATeacher rituals of Teacher Appreciation Week. If we believe teachers truly matter, we must listen to their ideas, and honor the reasons they choose to teach (and stay) in this complex and challenging profession. 

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Kristoffer Kohl

May 6, 2017

Three keys to foster collective leadership


Most educators agree that collective leadership is an excellent way to handle decision-making in school, but fostering it is challenging. Three keys are essential for success in developing collective leadership: strong listening skills, transparency, and a solutions-oriented mindset. Using these keys can make a big difference in building collective leadership action schools. 

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Tori Mazur

May 3, 2017

Appreciating the Change


Our students wrestle with the right balance of content and task navigation, but we are the ones who hesitate to tap, click and swipe with confidence.


The Internet of Things isn’t going to be static nor consistent.  The user experience will improve so long as instructional designers are employed to apply more scientific principles to student products, not just the consumer market.  

We’ve learned a lot in this first year of our pilot program, perhaps mostly about ourselves as adult learners in the Age of Change.

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