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Jessica Cuthbertson

July 28, 2016

How Teachers Can Benefit From Virtual Learning Communities

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This past spring CTQ hosted a blogging roundtable focused on the value of VLCs. We asked the question: how do (or how might) VLCs impact our profession? You can read the full post, a synthesis of this roundtable (with lots of links to individual blog posts) in this EdWeek column.

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Josef  Donnelly

July 22, 2016

Teacher-powered schools promote teacher and student success


In 2010, a new student joined my class. He was a recent immigrant from Guinea. This didn’t surprise me as all students at my school are recent immigrants. The surprise came later when I realized this student was not only new to learning English, but he was new to print. Just as he was learning new words in English, he was also learning to write his name. At a traditional school, with a large student population, this student would struggle. Yet in my teacher-powered school (TPS), he thrived, and is on track to graduate.

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Barnett Berry

July 14, 2016

How principals can support teacher leaders: Lessons from Glenn O. Swing Elementary School


Ali Wright used to believe that the best thing for principals to do to support teacher leaders was to get out of their way. Now she thinks differently. In this guest post, Ali takes us behind the scenes at a school where shared leadership is achieving impressive results. 

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Bill Ferriter

July 13, 2016

Goodbye Zaption. Hello Edpuzzle.


One of the most important lessons for teachers living in a digital world to learn is how to be digitally resilient -- or persistent in the face of the kinds of glitches and hiccups that happen when you are working with old technology, unreliable infrastructure, or free tools.  If you can't persist despite challenges, you may as well stop using technology in the classroom because those challenges are inevitable.

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John Holland

July 13, 2016

The Novice Advantage: The Joy of Uncertainty


I didn’t think that at this point in my career I would be entering my classroom as a novice. Next year I will begin my 20th year teaching but my first year as an art teacher. I am ready to take on this challenge, but I have found myself much more comfortable with my uncertainty after reading The Novice Advantage: Fearless Practice for Every Teacher. Some of my comfort comes from realizing that uncertainty is one of the strengths of the novice mindset.

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