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Renee Moore

October 30, 2011

Read this: two views of schools


As with so many other issues in America today, there is dichotomous debate over whether using competition and market forces will improve education, versus increasing the collaboration and support in our existing public schools can produce the changes we seek. As with most binary arguments around complex issues, this one is false, and unnecessarily distracting. 

Whether a school is public or private, charter or alternative, principal led or teacher run, one key to its success is how it operates internally. 

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Dan Brown

October 27, 2011

What do the GOP presidential candidates think about education?


I understand that jobs and the economy are the frontline issues of the moment. But our next president needs to have his head in the game when it comes to educating our next generation. There are about 50 million students currently enrolled in American public schools. Barack Obama's education platform and record are well documented. What do his leading challengers think about education?

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