I want to let you know about an article I just published at Ed Week about teacher leadership called, “Beyond tokenism: Toward the next stage of teacher leadership.” The article is a collection of thoughts that I’ve had percolating for quite some time now that seek to answer these questions:

  • Now that teacher leadership has taken hold as an idea—and that is a relatively new reality—how does it look in practice? What works and what doesn’t?
  • What constitutes a worthwhile leadership experience for a teacher? What roles waste our time and talent, and how can we shift in response?

Teachers need to push the envelope and conversation around teacher leadership to make the most of our knowledge, skills, and interests, and other educators need to give some thought to the same questions.

Please check out the article! I’d love to hear from people about how this matches or doesn’t match their realities. I will say that I’ve reached a place where my current involvements in teacher leadership do fulfill the criteria I lay out in the article, which is a great feeling. More on those experiences sometime soon. First, I really felt the need to point out both how far we’ve come and what work we have to do to keep pushing forward.

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