Carl, Shaniqua, Raymond, Joshua, and Miranda (not their real names) won’t be going home from school each day to Mom and Dad. Instead, they are going to foster homes or group homes where they live with other foster children.

Children who are in the foster care system have all of the same hurdles to face as their peers: grades, tests, dating and changing bodies. In addition, they face even more challenges: instability, lack of school supplies, sometimes even feelings of shame about their foster-care status.

I know many great foster families but this post isn’t about the varied experiences foster children have in their foster homes. This is specifically about schools and teachers.

Schools could do a lot better at identifying students who are in foster care and providing them with the extra support that many of them need. Children in foster care represent only 2% of the school-child population. Many educational decision makers find spending extra resources on only 2% of children difficult to justify.

To me, they aren’t 2%. They have names, feelings and stories. I think that if our educational decision-makers could find the time to get to know the names of these children, then they’ll become so much more than an invisible 2%. I hope this film helps…

Becoming Visible from Mission Pictures on Vimeo.




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