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Do you want to help principals manage their mounting responsibilities, but aren’t sure where to start?

Our Impact Assessment Tools provide the support you need to help principals with their mounting responsibilities.

You became a school administrator to make a difference for students. Now you find your greatest allies—principals—are bogged down with daily administrative tasks. The principals in your district have great ideas to reinvent their schools, but they don't have time to fulfill their visions.

What is getting in the way of your success?

Talent management and staff retention

  • BEFORE - On average, the cost of recruiting, hiring, processing, and training one new teacher is $9,540 for an urban school and $4,090 for a non-urban school.1 Nationally, teacher turnover costs school districts an estimated $2.2 billion per year.2 
  • AFTER - In as little as two hours, principals learn how to reduce teacher turnover by leveraging talent and expertise within their schools.

School culture and climate

  • BEFORE - On average, principals spend 30 % of their time on administrative tasks like managing student discipline and fulfilling compliance requirements, while they spend just 6 % of their time on day-to-day instructional tasks.3 Despite this, instructional leadership has been cited as one of top five practices of effective school leaders.4
  • AFTER - In a series of two-hour sessions facilitated by CTQ, principals and teachers work together to identify one change they can agree would make their school better for everyone this year. Guided by the Impact Assessment Tools, they create a plan to implement the proposed change—and to engage everyone in the process, from students and their families to teachers and administrators.

How can you help principals and teachers in your district cooperate to solve school problems?

  1. Tell us about challenges principals face in your district.
  2. Identify a principal for a test.
  3. CTQ facilitates a test workshop in the school. The principal works with faculty and staff to identify a challenge, design a solution, and measure its impact.
  4. We evaluate how the process created measureable change in your school.
  5. We bring this impact to scale by implementing similar processes at other schools in your district.

By taking a systems approach to culture change, your district builds momentum and sets a cycle of self-improvement into motion.

Facilitated sessions include:

  • Support with problem identification, root cause analysis, and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategies and support for time management, action planning, and shared leadership
  • Collection and analysis of impact assessment data
  • A process to replicate with staff for ongoing improvement, iteration, and success

Our product helps principals save time and run schools more efficiently, which results in a more positive and professional school environment for everyone in your community.

Contact CTQ below to find out how the Impact Assessment Tools can meet your district's needs: